A magazine illustration (left) turned into a poster for “Wings, Wheels and Goggles”, a major Dutch event involving classic airplanes and classic cars. Different Bentley and different plane, nevertheless, the one inspired by the other.
Two examples of giant posters for classic events. Left the Amsterdam-Paris Rally (in the middle one of the prominent contenders) and right the Concours d’ Élegance in the Netherlands. This is the first Concours at the Royal Palace in Soestdijk, formerly organized at Paleis ‘t Loo in Apeldoorn..
Selektie van een serie illustraties voor Autoweek Classics magazine in de rubriek “Auto-Archeologie”, kloksgewijs Accessoires, Carrosseriebouwers, Veiligheid, Ponton carrosserie, Dashboard, Brandstoffen, Pininfarina, van Koets naar Carosserie en Luchtkastelen.
Ook in Autoweek Classics Magazine een serie rond “nostalgische ritten.”
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