Your personal cartoon Surprise   your   partner,   or   yourself,   with   a   great   digital   cartoon of   his   or   her   car   in   an   original   setting.   For   birthdays,   jubelees, say goodbye’s etc. Cartoons   will   be   delivered   in   digital   form   suitable   for      printing on A3   format).   You   will   be   pleasantly   surprised   about   the   cost of   a   personalized   cartoon.   A3   prints   from   existing   cartoons are available too. Framing,   printing   on   plexiglass,   canvas   or   aluminium   is   also possible. For further enquiries please use the contact form  
Automotive art                                 For    many    years    Rob    Oudshoorn    has    illustrated    in newspapers   and   magazines.   The   last   few   years   he   has specialized   himself   in   automotive   art,   such   as   paintings, illustrations, cartoons and computer-art. His   work   is   regularly   publicized   in   (car)magazines   and club   magazines.   Cartoons   and   illustrations   hang   on   walls in homes and offices. Detailed   work   has   been   assigned   to   Rob   varying   from digital art, watercolour, oil- and acrylic paintings. In this website you will find a variety of his work.
More    original    than    a    bottle    of wine or a bunch of flowers. Rob   will   discuss   all   possibilities   with you     how     to     make     a     suitable illustration   or   cartoon   for   a   festive occasion This   site   will   inspire   you   to   obtain an     original     gift     for     a     special occasion.
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